Gobo Lighting & Spot Light

Custom Glass Gobo Projector (Lighting Package #9): Project a custom monogram at a wedding in light or displaying a logo or image in lights at a special event. A custom glass gobo is ideal for projecting artwork with fine detail. The gobo image is etched in glass to allow for highly detailed and intricate images to be displayed with the most accuracy.

Custom Meta Gobo Projector (Lighting Package #8): A custom metal gobo is ideal for projecting words (text) without find details. A message or image without intricate details can be displayed accurately. Gobos are thin template that are placed in a gobo projector and used to shine a pattern in light on a surface. All custom metal gobos are Black and White. The white area shown in the examples below would display as white light against a surface. In the black areas no light is projected (not visible)

Stock Gobo Projector (Lighting Package #7):A stock metal gobo is ideal for projecting pre created image without a custom message (text).  A scenic or seasonal image can be displayed against a wall or floor to enhance the ambiance in your room.

Gobo Projector / Spot Light (Lighting Package #6): Your gobo template is inserted into a lamp also know as a Gobo Projector. These projectors are very bright and have optics that allow the Gobo image to be focused. Most projectors will only accept a specific gobo size. You need to know your gobo size when selecting a projector.

Spot Light: A gobo projector (without a gobo) will provided a strong fixed beam of light that illuminates an area, used especially to center attention on a stage performer.

What is a Gobo?:  Gobos are thin template that are placed in a gobo projector and used to shine a pattern in light on a surface.

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Custom Glass Gobos

Custom Metal Gobos

Stock Gobos

Stock Gobo Templates

Scrolling Leaves MS-3587

Frilly Hearts MS-3333

Copasetic MS-2596

Wedding Flourish MS-2562

Boomerang Breakup MS-2285

Strewn Petals MS-1145

Fleur De Flirty MS-4203

Floral Vine SR-1118

Fleur De Flirty MS-4203

Spun Dots (Large) – RSS 78247

Branching Leaves – RSS 77864

Spiral – RSS 77783

Floral 7 – RSS 77547

Renaissance Field – RSS 71045

Gobo Sizes

Conventional Gobo Sizes
Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
A Size 100 mm
B Size 86 mm
D Size 53.3 mm
E Size 37.5 mm
G Size 51.8 mm
M Size 66 mm
V Size 22.5 mm
ULS Gobo Sizes
Manufacturer Model Standard Sizes Gobo Diameter
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal B Size 86 mm
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal Jr. M Size 66 mm
Martin Mania PR1 D Size 53.3 mm
Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300 23.8 mm
Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 26.7 m