Party Lighting

 Party Lighting (Lighting Package #1): This Lighting package is appropriate for a dance floor at an event space. Two color changing and/or moving lights along with a lighting stand to support them over head are included. Select two lights below to be provided with this package.

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Chauvet Cirrus Rental

Chauvet Cirrus

ADJ – Nucleus LED Rental

ADJ – Nucleus LED

ADJ – Aggressor Rental

ADJ – Aggressor

ADJ – Wave Rental

ADJ – Wave

Chauvet Shadow LED Blacklight Rental

Chauvet Shadow
LED Blacklight

Chauvet Hurricane 1100 Fog Machine Rental

Chauvet Hurricane 1100
Fog Machine

ADJ – Topaz EX Rental

ADJ – Topaz EX

PAR 64 LED Rental


Chauvet Eclipse Laser Rental

Chauvet Eclipse Laser

ADJ – Mirror Ball Rental

ADJ – Mirror Ball

ADJ – H20 250 EX Rental

ADJ – H20 250 EX